Batman Nesting Dolls!

Batman nesting dolls are here!  Inspired by the 1960's Batman TV show.  This 8 piece set features Batman, Robin, The Joker, Batgirl, The Riddler, Alfred, Catwoman and The Penguin.  The largest doll is 8 inches tall and the smallest is 0.75 inches.  They are all painted with acrylics.

This piece will be part of Idiot Box 2, a group art show featuring works inspired by television.  The show opens Friday, May 1st, 7-10 pm at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles. 

Gallery 1988 (West)
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046



Robin Williams Nesting Dolls

I wanted to pay tribute to the late great Robin Williams!  This 8 piece nesting doll captures all of my favorite comedies (it was hard to pick just 8).  From largest to smallest I painted Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Fisher King, Death to Smoochy, Jumanji, Good Morning Vietnam, Mork and Mindy, and
Aladdin.  They are all hand painted with acrylic on wooden dolls.  The largest is 7 inches tall and the smallest is 0.75 inches.

This set will be in the show Is This Thing On? # 4 at Gallery 1988 (West)
The show opens Friday, February 20th, 7-10pm and runs until March 14, 2015.
Also, be sure to go to the comedy show on Saturday, February 21st from 7-9pm.

This set is available for purchase at Gallery 1988.


Affordable Art Series 2 at Luna Rienne Gallery

Here are my pieces for the Affordable Art Series 2 at Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco.  It opens Saturday, February 7 from 6-9pm.

Luna Rienne Gallery
3318 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94110


Big Lebowski Nesting Dolls!

Big Lebowski nesting dolls are here!  It's got all your favorite characters from the Cohen Brothers classic.  Starting with the biggest, Walter Sobchak (featuring Donny in the ashes and his ex wife's pomeranian), The Dude, Jesus, Maude, Mr. Lebowski, The Stranger, and last but not least the marmot.  The largest doll stands 8 inches tall and the smallest is 0.75 inches.  Hand painted with acrylic.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, see the doll in person at Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult 8 show opening Friday December 12th, 7-10pm.  The show runs through December 28th.

7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046



Breaking Bad Babushka Dolls!

From Left to Right:  Walter White aka. Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul Goodman, Skylar White (with baby Holly), Hank Schrader, Gustavo Fring, and that burnt up pink teddy bear with one eye that was floating in the pool.

If you haven't seen Breaking Bad, watch it!  You could even sit and watch the whole series at once thanks to the internet.  It's one of my favorite shows, so why not make a nesting doll of it!  This 8 piece set measures from 7 inches on the big one, to 3/4 inch on the smallest.  I only made the one set, all hand painted with acrylic paint.

This set is available for purchase at Gallery 1988.


X-men paintings on Etsy

I just put up a few new X-men paintings on Etsy!  Check em out...


Steven Seagal nesting doll for Playboy Magazine

Check out the September issue of Playboy, and this time for the articles!  I'm excited to say that I painted a Steven Seagal nesting doll for and article about him and his ties with Putin and Russian gun manufacturers.  Haha, who would of thought Steven Seagal would be out in Russia hanging out with Vladamir, I thought he was a cop.