Los Pollos Hermanos


Here's my piece for Product Placement at Gallery 1988.  It's a print art show showcasing fictitious products in film and tv.  I chose Breaking Bad and it's Los Pollos Hermanos fast food chicken restaurant where they smuggle the blue meth in the buckets!

The print is 11"x14", digital print on card stock.  Open Edition.

The artwork is available online at Gallery 1988 on Friday, January 27th at 11am PST.


Groundhog Day Nesting Dolls!



Groundhog Day Nesting Dolls! 4.5 inches on the large doll, about an inch on the smallest.  Painted with acrylic on wood.  Featuring the different states of Phil Connors as he lives the same day over and over again... and Punxsutawney Phil of course.  

These will be part of Gallery 1988's 6:00 AM art show, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Groundhog Day!  

Artwork available online at Gallery1988 on Friday, January 27th.


Where The Wild Things Are Nesting Dolls


Where the Wild Things Are nesting dolls are here!  Featuring all your favorite Things and Max!  It's a 6 piece set painted with acrylic.  About 6 inches tall on the big doll, and max is about an inch.  

This nesting doll is part of Required Reading, and art show happening at Gallery 1988 celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Public Library!


Wizzy! The Wizard Nesting Dolls Are Here!



Wizzy! The Wizard Nesting Dolls. 3 piece cone shaped nesting doll. Made of 100% natural linden wood. The largest doll is 6" (15.25 cm), medium is 3.5" (8.89 cm) and smallest is 2" (5.08 cm). Comes in a cotton Wizzy! dust bag. 

 Available in my Etsy Shop!


Psychoscape at Four Barrel Coffee SF


Psychoscape No. 5. Acrylic on canvas. 36" x 60". 2020.
Psychoscape No. 10. Acrylic on canvas. 36" x 60". 2021.
Psychoscape No. 6. Acrylic on canvas. 36" x 60". 2020.
Here are a few photos of the Psychoscape artshow at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco.  Pieces can be purchased through the Four Barrel website. The show runs until December 7th.

Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


Psychoscape Art Show at Four Barrel Coffee SF

Pyschoscape!  I'm having an art show at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, Saturday November 12th, 7-9 pm!  Drop by if you are in the area!

Four Barrel Coffee 375 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA



Wizzy! Kickstarter Campain Now Live!


Wizzy! Nesting Dolls project is now LIVE on Kickstarter!  I'm excited to be trying out Kickstarter for the first time to fund this nesting doll project!  My goal is to reach $1500.00 by August 10th.  I'm hoping to have these produced and delivered by October, just before the holiday season. 

Read more details and make a pledge by going to my Kickstarter! Click Here!


Ewok Nesting Dolls!


Ewok Nesting Dolls are here! Featuring Wicket, Teebo, Chief Chirpa, Widdle Warrick and Nippet. The largest doll is 4.5" tall and the smallest is about an inch. Hand painted with acrylic on wood.

 Available on my Etsy!


Inker Zine



Inker Zine is 32 pages of black and white illustrations created over March and April 2022.  Check out the video above to see it in the making!  

You can pick up a copy in the shop!


Raiders of the Lost Ark Nesting Dolls



Raiders of the Lost Ark Nesting Dolls!  Featuring Indiana Jones, Arnold Ernst Toht, Marion Ravenwood, Arab Swordsman and the Golden Idol.  The big doll is 6 inches tall, and the smallest is 1.5 inches. Hand painted with acrylic and matte varnish on 100% Natural Linden Wood. Made in San Francisco, California.