Unlucky Cat!

Meet Unlucky Cat.  He is quite the loser.  He inherited the family fortune (his father was the founder of Fancy Feast) and foolishly forfeited it all to the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas.  His life has been committed to winning back the 412 million dollars in losses, but only seems to dig himself deeper in the hole.  Along with the money, he also lost his house, his wife, his children, his dog, his father's gold watch (which was also his world war 2 veteran grandfather's, and his world war 1 veteran great grandfather's as well), his pacemaker, his dignity, and last but not least his subway frequent buyer card which had one stamp left til a free sub.  But hey, look at the upside, the amount of free drinks recieved totals in the 200 million dollar range!  Now when you think about that you pretty much gambled your internal organs as well, so not really an upside, I take that back.  But you had fun!  Right?  No.  Ok, time for me to go.