red hot skillet!!!

Does this ever happen to you? You leave the kitchen for one minute, to grab the local paper, or put your seven cats outside to be wild animals, and you come back to only to find the skillet which you are using to cook your delicious breakfast is RED HOT!!! It has really only happen to me five times, but every time it happens I freak out like I just saw big foot! Interesting things happen to the chemistry of the cookables. The sausages sing with a sizzle that is so high pitch that only the neighbor's labadoodle can hear. The bacon becomes basketball players, literally. The eggs perform this extremely rare miracle, only seen in nature once every two thousand years by the naked eye. The ancient zulu tribe once said that it is a symbol of life and how the universe began. The yoke will actually turn into whatever it is you are thinking about at that exact moment. Like Pamela Anderson's boobs exploding, that will appear, might wanna wear goggles though. Oh, yes breakfast will never be the same ever again.

"Red Hot Skillet" 24"x24" acrylic on canvas. Available.