Space Burger! Go U.S.A.!

When they said the moon landing was a hoax, they were right! It wasn't a giant rock we landed on back in 1969, but a gigantic burger! No really, the moon footage was all done in a hollywood studio. The burger was for real! There has been a huge cover up over the past 40 years, but thanks to the internet the secret has been leaked. There is a massive double decker orbiting the Earth. Some say its been there for 25,000 years, and the pyramids were built as gravitational pulling devices to get this burger on earth to feed humans for generations. The United States sent two southern cowgirls, a monkey and a cow to the burger in 1969, two days after the fake apollo rocket was launched. After 3 days of space travel, contact with the surface of the bun was made. The cow was abducted by local aliens living on the dark side of the pickle and the girls were abandoned on the burger by the monkey (he was trained by NASA to fly a rocket. Probably not the smartest idea NASA had). A rescue ship was later sent to get the women, and a many samples were returned to fast food franchises across the nation.